Protects servers of organizations against internal and external attacks
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Servers and desktops get infected because firewalls and old anti-virus are not effective against new attacks.
AppRanger™ provides answers for server and desktop security:
-Fast scan detects and removes any spyware and virus.
-Protects computers without patches against zero-day attacks.
-Finds any rootkit on computers.
-Tracks changes made to the system.
-Protects enterprise virtual machine infrastructure.
-Helps meet HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance.
-Protects applications against hacks.

AppRanger software protects servers and virtual machine infrastructure of organizations against internal and external attacks.

A zero-day worm propagating on organization’s network or an exploit on server application are examples of attacks that bypass perimeter firewalls and other security measures. These attacks can originate from outside, extranet partners, or even from infected machines inside the network. If a server gets compromised, confidential user information is at risk. Sometimes the attack can bring down the servers and take several days to remedy.

In a connected and Web oriented world, traditional security solutions are unable to fill the technology gaps that are being created. AppRanger’s comprehensive approach fills the technology gaps in securing server infrastructure. Before AppRanger begins to protect servers against attacks, a specialized scanner is used to find and eradicate all malware and rootkits. Polymorphic malware and rootkits that are able to defeat anti-virus will be caught by AppRanger.

AppRanger finds and protects key server applications like SQL, Apache, exchange, etc. because 75% of all attacks are on applications. AppRanger hardens these applications with appropriate sandboxes to neutralize attacks. For example, if a user on a Citrix server opens an infected attachment or clicks on a malicious link, AppRanger will block that attack and prevent the Citrix server from getting infected.

AppRanger tracks server state and enforces a lockdown mechanism to further increase the security and defeat other attacks. During the lockdown, only authorized applications are permitted so that server remains immune to attacks while functioning properly.

In most large and financial organizations, compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and PCI standards is an important consideration. AppRanger generates a daily status report for the servers that several requirements of the compliance standards. AppRanger reports on attacks and system state changes further aid in “risk assessment” for servers.

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